Random ramblings about startup name(s)

My brother Wieland got heavily involved in a new startup dubbed “jobMapp”, which is trying to establish a new market place for every-day jobs in Spain. All fraternal affection aside, I am really excited about the project.  I think it is cool to see how easy it is to e. g. arrange for the delivery of documents and small parcels in Madrid through a dedicated website (not sure I would hire somebody to to my household chores, t. b. h.).

At the same time, I am less convinced that jobMapp is really a great name to develop into a strong brand. I have been told the name several times by now and I still find it hard to remember.  Why not go for a more intuitive name? What can be more important for a start up than carefully selecting a catchy, short, pronounceable and, most importantly, distinctive name?

(Don’t worry, Wieland, if this sounds overly critical – I am just an academic commenting from the sidelines. You guys will prove me wrong,  for sure.)

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