More than 40K COM domains registered for food supplement “Juice Plus+®”

How many domains do you need to sell food supplement pills? More than 40,000, it seems. The multi-level-marketing network distributing “Juice Plus+®” is following an interesting domain strategy by registering individual domain names for each of its sales representatives. All domains lead to (almost) identical content, and they all end with “…”. This makes “juice plus” one of the most popular and fastest-growing keyword combinations for domains.

I am puzzled. Why would somebody spend at least $200,000 in registration fees to just forward users to the company’s main site? Why not use a free subdomain like “” instead of ““? Or, if you want a domain strategy that is truly en vogue, why not get “.juiceplus” as a new top-level domain? Given the $50 application fee each new franchisee is facing, there should be enough money on the table to finance a new gTLD – in case somebody can come up with a viable business case.

Domain names aside, the numbers involved in this business are impressive. The registration records suggest that more than 40,000 customers have been converted to virtual franchisees. This makes Juice Plus+ a bigger franchise network than McDonald’s or Subway, just based on a headcount of hopeful (part-time) entrepreneurs.